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Hello! I’m Kayla and this Lovely Ride; a place to celebrate the little things that make life lovely.


I am a small town Canadian girl who somehow got mixed up in the world of professional acting!  I live wherever my suitcase is currently unpacked and perform on stages all over the country. I am incredibly lucky to get to do what I do, but it doesn’t come without its sacrifices.facesI created this blog as a way to collect my thoughts no matter where I was; a way to connect with people no matter what show I was working on at the moment. A place for me to share my creations, thoughts, fear, healthy living attempts, workouts, races, and whatever else pops into my head. I have been reading healthy living and design blogs for years now, and I am so happy to be able to add to the community instead of just read about it.

Here, you will find all the things I love: 1)wine 2) running 3) food. I’m a vegetarian wannabe runner who drinks wine when the mood strikes! I don’t claim to know what I’m doing in any of those subjects, but I want to learn. I am interested in surrounding myself with tasty, healthy, wonderful, lovely things!

You will also find some of my creative pursuits on the blog! I make things; sometimes they suck, I don’t really care! That’s not the point of making things. I love pretty, vintage, old fashioned items that make an everyday act more inviting. I love to make handmade gifts for friends whenever I can.

When things are going well for me in my career, things have never been better!  When things aren’t going so well, the low can be incredibly dark. This is a place where I’d like bring positive energy to share with all of you! A place to make our everydays a little lovelier!
Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to contact me or comment at any time.
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  1. Hi Kayla, I was recently awarded the Liebster Award and I would like to pass it on to you. I enjoy reading your blog. all of the information is posted on my blog at http://www.healthfulmindbodyandsoul.com


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