things I’m dreaming about in January.


it’s winter. i’m stuck inside. i don’t have a job (yet.. there is hope in sight on this front!) and therefore will not go shopping. i haven’t bought anything for myself other than absolute necessities in months. i feel great about that fact. as I say with this industry, you get high highs and low lows. it just means that i’m comfortable wearing fancy dresses and expensive shoes, but i’m just as used to saving money, wearing sweatpants, and being responsible. that’s the optimistic way to look at it anyway.

1. I have my eye on this camera. I want to be able to pay for it outright and not stress about it being on a credit card. I want to earn it by saving for it.

2. A simple knit circle scarf is always on my mind. I’m crocheting a lot lately, but this one is just stunning.

3. This Manifesto Tee is so classic and simple but it’s blowing my mind. I love the handwriting on it; it’s actually the designers handwriting I believe.

4. The combat boots with the pattern detail. I would wear these everyday; I have visions of all the socks I would wear with these..

5. David’s Tea. All of it. All the time. I’ve finished off our Christmas stash. Must replenish.

6. Just started this book, and while I don’t agree with absolutely everything she’s saying, it is blowing my mind. Excited to keep reading.

What are you dreaming about these days? Far off destinations? Me too..

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