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audition hair


I had to make an audition tape the other day. Not my favourite way to audition, but man, if it comes through, it’s totally worth it. There’s just always lots of drama involved. Who’s going to record the tracks? How fast can I learn the songs? Who am I going to get to read with me? The list goes on. And you never have very much time. And the quality is never really that amazing when I use my mac book. Still, I have booked a job here or there using a tape; so I won’t say no to making one!

The fun part is the dressing up. I woke up early and got to work, curling, styling, spraying, applying false lashes, and lipstick. I don’t tend to put on a “costume” or try to look exactly like the character I’m auditioning for, but I do kind of lean towards their style in my own way. Like if you’re auditioning for a young lover in the 1950s, I’d for sure wear a dress and heels. Help them to see you in the role. Plus, I love testing out new makeup and hairstyles, so I tend to play around more often than not. If I’m going to a dance call, all bets are off. Then it’s just about something that will last through sweat and bouncing around. I tend to look like I didn’t even curl my hair after most dance calls.

I had a lot of fun with this 1950s inspired look! Don’t you wish we had time to do our hair like this everyday? It’s so mad men.

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  1. Great post! Love this style:)


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