25 goals before my 26th birthday.


My birthday isn’t until October 27th, I just like setting goals. And I kind of missed the New Years bus. So here they are. Some are easy, some are hard. Some take a long time, some take less than an hour. I will post about my progress as I go. I find in show business, you are either crazy busy, sore, and tired from working 8 shows a week, or you have oodles of time on your hands (read: unemployment). I want some ongoing plans and schemes that help keep me sane when it’s busy and fill in the cracks when I’m bored.

statement — come up with a mission statement about what i want from my life in the next five years

save — enough money to buy a real camera

cocktail — find out what my favourite cocktail is and how to make it; maybe make a bunch for some people and drink them together

learn — a new monologue

sew — a quilt. lofty. this quilt might be for a doll or something. just do it, Kayla.

write — a short story

compose — a song. start to finish

run — a race. best case scenario, a half marathon

read — a classic novel. jane eyre comes to mind

bake — and decorate an awesome cake from scratch. i’m thinking carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

class — take a class in something i’ve never done before

paint — a piece of artwork (then promptly hide it in the closet)

zumba — take my zumba teacher training

connect — with an old friend

travel — someplace new and undiscovered

bread — learn how to bake a beautiful loaf of bread

study — a book about finance

cook — a dinner party for a group of people

watch — the lord of the rings movies. i’ve been living under a rock

sing — a new song in an audition

teach — a class. hopefully zumba or dance related

style — a really wicked look for an event. hair, makeup, accessories, clothes, shoes. maybe for a friend

play — a song on guitar in front of another human being

restyle — an old piece. of furniture hopefully, clothing would work too

pull up — this one is lofty. do a pull up. i can do one from about halfway up at this point. i’ll keep working on it

Wish me luck!

Got any lofty goals for 2013?  What are they?

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  1. Hey! My bday is October 25th! Funny how our bdays are so close! SCORPIOS! 🙂

    • Yes! I’ve always loved being a Scorpio. I feel dangerous! It’s a great time to have a bday too. Not too close to any holidays, but you need a pick me up!! Love it!


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