3 Things.

1. I started a new show today. Change is hard. It was like the first day of school today. Making new friends is hard. It’ll be so fun in the end, but at first, I just get kind of anxious. Sometimes, I wish I could see into the future. Not to know exactly what is going to happen, just to know whether things work out okay in the end. 

2. Mr. Best Things is away for another two weeks. Considering how much I travel for work, this shouldn’t bother me. I just miss him. The house is empty without him. COME HOME, ok?3. It’s my birthday on the 27th. I’m turning 24. I suddenly feel old. Like, 23 sounds young, and all of a sudden, in the span of a couple of days, I’ll be an adult. Looking back, I realize I’ve been in a different city for last 6 birthdays: Oakville, New York City, Woodstock, Toronto, Winnipeg and this year, Edmonton. That’s not normal, right? (P.S. check this hair in this photo of my 19th birthday!)

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