WW Diary – Friday

-oatmeal = 6 pts

– chili = 4 pts

-veg soup = 2 pts

-spring roll = 4 pts

-rice and stir fry = 5pts

-granola bar = 3 pts

-candies = 4 pts

-wine, wine, beer = 13 pts

-mini sandwich = 5 pts

-crackers and cheese – 4 pts

Total = 50 pts

Activity Points Earned = 6 Pts. (rehearsal + show)

New Total = 42 Pts

13 extra points used

In spite of the terrible overage..

-I didn’t have more alcohol

-I didn’t eat the chocolate truffles available

-I didn’t even eat half of my meal at dinner

– I ate a great breakfast and lunch

-I didn’t have a ridiculous amount of candies which I could have

I am proud of the choices I did make, even though I know I went overboard.  I didn’t go as overboard as I have in the past.  Definitely a step towards reasonable eating.

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