Class 9 of 30

As you can see, I’ve skipped class eight.  I did class 8 I just didn’t write about it.  So here’s class eight in a sentence:

On my day off I went to a 60 minute moksha class at 1:30 and kind of hated it.  I think I’d hit my week two wall.

Okay, so that was two sentences.

Today’s Stats:

Class: Moksha, 60 mins.

Teacher: Siobhan (the studio owner) and resident hard ass

Thoughts: I went to the 4:30 class between my two shows, which was tough but rewarding.  I travelled home by train after the first show and ate a snack before packing up what seemed like half my wardrobe and set out for class.  Siobhan played some awesome music including Adele, Johnny Cash, and Joshua Radin (who’ve I’ve seen play live twice.  He’s awesome), which made the class a little more light hearted. I put my mat up front in between two yogis who I’d seen around before and knew to be quite serious.  I find this helps make your practice a bit stronger.  I’m sure this is a yoga no no, like it’s challenging the ego to look around and judge your practice next to others, but I find I’m more focused if the person beside me is really in it.  I had a really great practice.  Really challenging.  I partied back to the theatre with wet hair and a leftover vietnamese soup to microwave, feeling great.  It’s weird how much I was nervous about getting through the class and the show, but in the end, it was fantastic.  I listened to my body and it told me today was a good time to push it.  Yeah!

Body: Feeling pretty good.  Definitely tight hamstrings and glutes area from all the warrior positions.  I’m getting better at them!! Generally just a little tight and sore.  Nothing too bad or painful.  It’s the worst in the mornings.


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