Class 6 and 7 of 30: The Truth

Today, I did 2 hours and 45 minutes of hot yoga.

Ok, in reality, I did a 75 minute hot fusion class which was super tough, and 90 minutes of “restorative yin” yoga where you hold poses for upwards of 5 minutes in a room lit with candles and smelling of incense.  Oh, and you fall asleep at the end of the yin class.  Or at least I did.  I sound more hardcore when you just read the first statement.

ANYWAYS, I have now officially completed 7 classes in 7 days.  And I have to say, I am proud of myself.  I am not the best when it comes to sticking things out till the end, especially when it gets tough.  Something tells me this journey has not reached its toughest point yet.  A friend of mine at the studio (who has done lots of challenges before) said that from the end of the first week till about halfway through the challenge is the hardest part.  You get sore in places you never have before (for me it’s my wrists.. wtf?), you get tired (check), you get lazy (double check), and the end is not in sight (check mate).  I have to say, although here on the blog I often sound quite perky and positive about my daily practices, that’s not always how I’m feeling.  It’s tough.

I have to plan my eating, drinking, showering, resting, and caffenation (that’s not a word, I know), around my yoga.  All while balancing my job in which I have to dance, sing, and sweat 8 times a week.  Oh yeah, and I have to get myself to and from work which involves about 40 minutes of walking up and down hills and a train ride.  All in all, I’m trying really hard not to burn out.

Another issue I’m finding is I’ve become even less social.  I have to get to bed on time, not drink a lot of alcohol, and make sure I have time in the day for my practice.  I end up passing on social events sometimes because of the yoga.  It doesn’t really bother me at this point because I know it’s temporary, but, I could see if you weren’t away from home, living in a new city, and working a contract how this would be much more difficult to deal with.

But then I do my class.  And I walk out feeling alive. Cheesy I know.  But you sweat all the bad stuff out, you fire your metabolism, and after a shower, a truckload of water, and a big bowl of Vietnamese vegetarian soup (that’s what I had today.  It was so good I ate it really fast and got a stomach ache.  It was worth it) you feel like a new person.  I personally love being sore after working my body, it makes me feel like I’ve done something important for myself.  So I’m just trying to embrace all the “pain” I’ve been feeling lately.  Sweet discomfort as one of the teachers likes to say.

Today’s Stats:

Teacher: Chris then Katherine.  I’ve talked about Chris before, he’s tough.  But I like his classes and I want to work hard for him.  Katherine is like a sweet yoga mama.  She made us giggle and feel so comfortable.  And she ran the most relaxing class ever.

Class: Hot fusion (75 minutes of sweat dripping in my eyes and ears) and Restorative Yin (90 minutes)

Thoughts: Felt pretty good for the first one.  Tight and tired, but not done.  He did a lot of “heart openers”, which really means back bending in my books which I’m not a fan of.  It’s kind of like hip openers for me, I bend backwards for 30 seconds and all of a sudden I want to leave the room.  But I pushed through and tried not to scream at him.  The yin class was good to do after a hot fusion practice because I felt super warmed up already and ready to relax.  I wasn’t really in the room though until halfway through.  Some of the poses we did are really hard to hold for so long.  Like pigeon.  Stupid pigeon.  I used a block under my butt which helped, but I still wanted to quit.  I ended up falling asleep for the last bit.  It was lovely in the end.

Body: Thought I’d add a new section about how my body is feeling and the changes I’m experiencing.  I’m so unbelievably sore in my hips and butt today.  Which is great, but it made all the standing poses harder to balance in.  I was so shaky.  My hamstrings are sore, but not too bad.  And my wrists have been a little sore too from all the downward facing dogs.  I’m trying to push my finger joints into the mat like they say to take the pressure off my wrists but it doesn’t seem to help.  I think they are just growing new muscles.  I am noticing a new line of definition along my triceps though when I straighten and flex my arm.  Must be all the vinyasas paying off!! Oh yeah!

How do you make yourself work out when you’d rather stay in bed?

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  1. I fall asleep after yin too! But yours sounds way more relaxing! I want candles 🙂


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