Pose Dictionary: Child's Pose

Child's Pose



Go figure, this is one of my favourite poses.  It’s a resting, restorative pose.  HA!  In the classes I take, we usually spread our knees as wide as the mat which is a really easy hip opener.  It’s supposed to be a heart opener too.  You spread your arms wide and melt your heart to the mat.  There’s something about your heart being higher than your head that is really relaxing too. Kind of like those anti-gravity chair things you hook your feet into and flip upside down they sell on the shopping channel.

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  1. I find child’s pose hard sometimes! I have always had knee problems from being so active when I was growing! In the past year I have managed to kneel or squat with out it hurting my knees! Yoga really does help 🙂

  2. It’s funny how the “easiest” poses can be hard for weird reasons. I have the tightest hips.. this one is hard for me because of that. yoga is our friend. because otherwise us dancer types would need hip replacements in 25 years..


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