Couples Who Run Together…

Stay together?  Isn’t that what they say?  Well, getting sweaty together can never hurt, right?

Mr. Best Things is a good runner.  He’s been running much longer than I have.  He can run faster and farther.  But being the nice guy he is, he didn’t hold that against me on our FIRST COUPLES RUN!

We’re training for our first 5K!  We started out nice and easy with a jog around my neighbourhood in Calgary.  He insisted we walk for the first 3 minutes (I was in charge of watching the time on his Iphone… I had the pocket in my Lulu jacket).  Then we picked up the pace and started our jog.  I am quite the tortoise when it comes to jogging, slow and steady, and I could tell he was itching to pick it up.  So I suggested he do an “out and back” for lack of a better term.  So he sprinted about 100 metres ahead then slowed down and jogged back to me.  All the while Ms. Tortoise kept jogging along.  Good for his cardio, good for my viewing pleasure.

The whole jogging experience lasted about 45 minutes.  If you factor in the 3 minutes of walking off the top and the 2 walking breaks that lasted about a minute each, we ran for a solid 40 minutes or so.  (I know, so official.  Might have to pick up a Garmin watch if we intend on keeping this up).  I’m super proud of myself.  I’ve never really run for that long before.  And I have Mr. BT to thank.  He was encouraging and challenging without being overly pushy or competitive.  I looked our route up later on and I think we ran nearly 5K!  I’d love to come up with a goal time for our race on July 1st.  And maybe set a PR based on practice times.  Look at me using all these running terms.. PR (personal record) and Garmin watch (a watch that times and measures your distances).  I might just be a runner one day.

What’s your 5K PR?  Would I be crazy to try and run it in under 40 minutes on my first try?

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