Class 2 of 30

Still going strong.  Not too sore.  Excited about the days to come.  I actually had the thought in class today “Oh, come on, 28 classes left.  That’s so easy!”  Talk to me in 10 classes or so… we’ll see.

Today’s Stats

Teacher: Colleen.  I really liked her.  She was a lower key kind of a teacher.  But very knowledgeable and confident.

Length: 60 minutes

Class: Hot Fusion.

Thoughts:  I hate hip openers.  Like so much.  What is it about my hips that makes me want to kill the teacher.  Pigeon especially. And thread the needle.  So annoying.  I don’t like twists either.  I think I’m holding in some tension in that area… ? Any thoughts on this one guys?  Why the mental block with these poses.  Other than that, the class was not too hard.  I felt strong throughout which was nice.

Do you have a trigger pose?  One particular pose that makes you feel emotional?

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