30 Day Challenge – Class 1 of 30

I did it.  I started the challenge.  Day one done, and feeling fine!

I started the day off right.  I woke up after a sleepover with my Calgary friend Kendra at noon.  With a junk food hangover.  Never felt more like a yoga class in my life.  We actually decided to go to the Moksha studio across town because her boyfriend was teaching the 1:30 class.  He just recently did his teacher training in Brazil and has been teaching in Calgary for a couple of months.

Todays’ Stats

Teacher: Brendan.  He’s new but very confident.  His class was hard.  Apparently he wanted me to never be able to bend my legs again.  My quads were killing me!

Class: Moksha.  Very runners lunge, warrior I, warrior II oriented

Length: 75 minutes.  So long.

Thoughts: The studio is lovely.  But it’s weird how practicing in a new studio can kind of throw you off.  I was looking around at the lighting fixtures, the people I’d never seen before, and the nicely cushy hardwood floors.  I think because of all the junkfood I’d eaten the night before I wasn’t fueled properly.  It felt like a fairly lack luster class for me.  I felt heavy and unfocused.  But I was there.  And I did the bulk of the class.  So it’s not a loss.  Better luck next time, I think!

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