Yoga Challenge: Day Three

Well, it’s done friends.  I’ve signed up for the 30 day challenge being held at my studio.  It starts on Monday.  I’m crazy.  But excited.  In honour of the real challenge starting on Monday, I’ve decided to take Sunday off of yoga to give my body a little rest before the hypothetical shit hits the fan.  Also, I have two shows to do on Sunday.  So that’s already a lot of exercise.

Today’s Stats

Teacher: Chris.  Wow wow wow.  He. kicked. my. ass.  But in that oh so calming yoga way.  He didn’t take any prisoners.  Very few water breaks, or child’s pose breaks.  And A LOT of flowing through poses.  Which means, no resting or slacking off.  Geez.  I will be feeling this tomorrow.

Class:  Hot Fusion.  More like Hot Ass Kicking.

Length: 75 minutes.  Felt like 2 hours again.

Thoughts:  There is something beautiful that happens when a room full of sweaty strangers are pushed to their physical limits. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a wonderful feeling.  You just know that you have to keep trying.  Not trying to kill yourself, or push too hard.  But you have to stay present.  Not for yourself, not for the teacher, but for the person on the mat next to you.  Because if you lay down and give up, what are they going to do?  Give up as well?  Well, I can’t be responsible for someone else’s unmotivated practice, now can I?  So you just buck up, and shut up.  And when the end comes and you turn to your neighbour and say “Namaste” (I salute the divine that’s within you), you can really mean it.  Because they kept going when you didn’t think you could.  And it made you take that last shred of energy and do something with it.  Their presence in the room prevents your from giving up.

As tiring as this class was, and as bad of a mood as I was in afterwards (caffeine headache and dehydration.. I’ve got to straighten my fueling out soon), I am so glad I went to his class today.  I am stronger than I thought I was.  And that class proved it to me.

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