Yoga Challenge: Day Two

Henceforth know as .. “Omg, I remembered why I LOVE yoga!”

Teacher: Kate.  I just loved loved loved her.  She was confident and direct.  Understanding and compassionate.  She commanded the room and lead us through a tradition Moksha class while adding her own flair and surprises.

Class: Straight up Moksha.  Which is just the patented series of poses that Moksha Yoga endorses.  But because the class was only an hour, the whole series cannot be completed in its entirety.  Which means the teacher can do as they wish.  Adding and taking away poses to make up the hour class.  We did a lot of “flowing” today.  Which meant instead of standing in Warrior II pose for 30 seconds, we bent our front knee as we exhaled and straightened as we inhaled for a couple of breaths.  Still really challenging, but I find it helps when we focus on the breath.

Length: One hour.  Went by really fast.

Thoughts:  My favourite thing we did today was this calf opener.  From table top (hands and knees, all fours) you place your right knee on top of your left calf and push down, making circles or running it up and down.  O.My.God. Did it ever burn!  But it felt so so so good to release those tight calf muscles from dancing in heels all the time.

So guess what?  I’ve signed up for a 30 day challenge that my studio is hosting that starts on Monday, May 23rd.  Perhaps a sweep of madness came over me in my post yoga high.  But it’s done.  30 classes in 30 days.  Starting on Monday.  Which means my own personal 7 day challenge won’t have been finished yet.  I intend to continue with my personal challenge, reward myself when those 7 days have passed with perhaps a Lululemon purchase(!!!), and then just keep on keeping on with the remainder of the 30 day challenge.  I will keep you updated here on the blog about my trials and tribulations during the challenge!  Do any of you guys want to join in the yoga challenge?

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