Yoga Challenge: Day One

Henceforth known as.. “Oh dear god Yoga is hard when you haven’t done it in nearly three weeks.”

Ready to get my ass handed to me

I have lots of excuses for falling so epically off the yoga bandwagon: Studio across the street was closed for renos, stomach flu (turns out I was one stomach flu away from my goal weight.. joking.. devil wears prada anyone?), visiting Mr. Best Things out of town.  But the thing about yoga is, it’s always there. Patiently waiting.  Like your best friend from childhood.  Never judging you for however long you’ve been gone.  Just ready to accept you back and happy to see you finally there.  And then they get drunk and tell you that you need to call more.  Well, that’s what the BFF at home does.  Yoga just hands your ass back to you and says, “hurts, don’t it?”.  Yoga is a bitch sometimes.

So that was me.  All Lulu-ed out and ready to face the heat.  I even went on the “cool” side of the 40 degree studio.  Didn’t help.

Here come the stats…

Teacher: Alice (taken her class before.  Super knowledgeable.  Really focused on technique which is good but can get frustrating when you want to pretend to not hear her corrections because yoga is hard enough..)

Class: Hot Fusion.. aka whatever the teacher feels like killing you with today.  So it’s hit or miss for me.  I cut my yoga teeth with the Bikram method where you do the same 26 postures two times each in the same order every time.  The official Moksha series is a little like that too.  I enjoy knowing what’s coming next.  I blame it on years of standing at the ballet barre doing the same thing over and over.

Length: One hour (felt like 2).  One of the shorter ones, but I’m glad I did this one first.

Thoughts: We focused on this idea of rotating your pelvis back and forwards.  It’s something that’s kind of a big deal in ballet so I was used to thinking about it.  It’s as simple as thinking of sticking your butt out and letting your lower back sway like a little kid with a buddha belly, or tucking your butt under and trying to flatten it towards the floor and tightening your abs in and pulling up (this is the ballet way).  True to form, the yogis say it in a way that makes no sense to my ballet mind.  She talked about inner thighs the whole class going out and back or “rooting”.  I can see what she was trying to get at though.  Flexibility and Stability all at once.  Not something I’m great at.  From over stretching since I was a kid, I have some very flexible body parts and some very strong ones, but not a great amount of symmetry throughout.  Yoga will help me even out.  Having an overly flexible back or hamstrings put stress on your body in ways you can’t even imagine.  I need to create the strong foundation on top of which I can stretch things out.  Otherwise I end up with stupid, nagging injuries that could have been prevented.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s class.  I’m going to try and take the straight up Moksha and get back to basics.  So far, this  challenge has been fun and easy.  The real issue for me is not getting to the first class, it’s getting to the next 6 in a row.  Here goes nothing!

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